A doo-lah? What's that?


You do la what? What the heck is that?

Its kind of hard to explain what we do until you've hired a doula. Sometimes we pull out all of our special tricks. Other times, we feel like we're doing nothing but holding the space for our clients as they work. Either way, we are always delighted to witness families grow.  

So lets see what others describe a doula as: 

  • A doula coaches, a midwife catches. 
  • A doula is like a emotional guide, when I didn't even think I'd be emotional! 
  • A doula is the best friend you've always wanted who makes birth more enjoyable. 
  • A doula is like a servant who knows what you want before you even ask. 
  • A doula guides the partner so that they can support the mom in a way she'll actually like.
  • A doula isn't judgmental if I decide to get the epidural.
  • A doula keeps my family and friends in the loop on whats going on so my partner can focus on me. 
  • A doula gives me information on interventions so that I can make an informed decision.
  • A doula listens to me and holds me when I need to vent or cry.
  • A doula dances or is silent the entire time, whatever I need! 
  • A doula replaces my cool washcloths---before they get warm! 
  • A doula recommends a position that makes birth a little easier by getting the baby in a better position.
  • A doula encourages me to face my fears and conquer them.

Are you interested in doula support for your birth?

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