3 Awesome Things Every Newborn Does

Primitive Reflexes

Every healthy newborn is equipped with these totally awesome, short lived reflexes. Try them with your baby today! 

Newborn sleeping soundly Erie PA Doulas


Grasp Reflex

Babies have the grasp reflex until around the 3rd month when it starts to disappear. The grasp reflex is an instinct to try and gain more time skin to skin with their parents. Try this by stroking the inside of your baby's hand with your fingers. Baby will grasp you finger with hulk like strength! 

Tongue Thrust Reflex

This one is important for parents to learn about because loosing this reflex is one of the signs that baby is getting ready to handle solids well. (Learn more about when babies are ready for solids here.) As a newborn, this is primitively built into your baby to protect her from choking. You can test out this reflex by touching a spoon to the tip of the baby's tongue. Baby will thrust her tongue forward and push the spoon out of the mouth until around the middle of the first year. Neat! 

Walking Reflex 

Did you know your newborn can take steps?! Try this one by supporting your little under the armpits with both legs dangling. Lower him gently to touch the floor and he should start taking steps like he's walking. Researchers say this reflex may set them up for when they walk unassisted, many months later. You can typically expect this reflex to disappear around 2 months of age.

There are many more newborn reflexes that babies do at varying points in their growth. What was your favorite reflex?