Northwest PA Nannies

Customized child care to help your family thrive


Child care, your way 

Nonjudgmental support is at the heart of our business. Not every family does things the same way.  The way you feed your baby, the method you use to put your toddler to sleep and the specific foods your preschooler will actually eat are specific to your family. We are here to respect & honor those things that make your family unique and support what you want in your absence. Child care with us is different than a standard daycare or babysitter. We have an in depth intake process that allows us to fully learn what you are seeking and apply that in our work with your family. 

Along with traditional part-time and full-time nanny care, we provide sick care and date night sitters for our clients who have more infrequent childcare needs.


Reliable & Experienced Nannies 

Providing nurturing, attentive & reliable care to your family is a top priority to us. We understand the struggle of having last minute care cancellations and unavailable help. Working with backups in place, our nanny team will be available whenever you need them.

Additionally,  All nannies employed by Northwest PA Doulas are required to have the following qualifications: 

  • CPR & First Aid Certification

  • INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment

  • At least one year of childcare experience

  • Agree & abide by NPD's standards of professionalism

  • Abide by our “No-Smoking” Policy


Why in home childcare? 

  • Your child(ren) will be comfortable and secure in their normal home environment.

  • The nannies we place with families understand that long term care makes for happier families. We establish trust and a genuine relationship with you and your child.

  • No morning rush. Need we say more? Leave the kids in PJs and allow us to cook breakfast and get the older siblings on the bus.

  • Lessened risk of contracting illness for kids. Taking kids out of a group environment can improve the frequency and severity of sicknesses.

  • Flexibility. Sports practices, fun activities, unexpected late nights at work... Nannies provide flexibility that traditional daycare cannot deliver.

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