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Postpartum Doulas

The postpartum period is defined as the first year of parenting. This is a time of highs and lows as you learn your newest family member. While this is a joyous time, the postpartum period sometimes brings up feelings of uncertainty, isolation and loneliness. Our postpartum & infant experts here at NPD help families encounter emotions, changes and challenges with ease. Our goal is to leave families with more confidence in their own abilities. Postpartum doulas help with a variety of things like emotional support, practical tasks (need a hot meal, anyone?!), local resources and educational information. 

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Emotional Support 

This is one of the most exciting times of your life. A new baby! You worked hard to grow your family. After all the planning and preparation, your sweet baby is finally here. You are happy. Exceedingly happy. But there is doubt. There is fear you're doing this wrong. There is uncertainty as you use all this confusing baby gear. Even if you've done this before, challenges are plenty. Emotional support means that we support you through this. Its okay to feel uncertain and unsure at first. By listening to you, helping you explore emotions, we help our clients build the confidence they need to parent well. 

Feeding Support

No matter how or what you feed your baby, we are here for you. We've got the latest research and tools to help you find solutions that work for your unique family. 

Meal Prep

Nourishing meals make all the difference. Thats why we are delighted to make your family breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or freezer meals. We have a meal planning service or we're happy to make whatever you choose. No time to grocery shop? No problem. We will do the shopping, the cooking and you can focus on eating a warm meal!  

Practical Tasks

If you've ever had a baby before, you know its easy for daily tasks to slip under the radar and before you know it, theres an entire sink full of dishes! Not when you hire a doula! We are happy to take care of the dishes, do your laundry, make your bed and complete light housekeeping tasks that prevent you from having your best recovery. 

Informational Support

Parents have a lot to learn. We have to learn things like how to hold the baby, how to install the car seat, how to use the baby carrier, what normal poop looks like; Theres so much! Luckily, our doulas are educated and excited to answer any question you have. We don't know the answer? We have the resources to quickly get you expert advice. 

Sibling Care

We can't forget about siblings! What a transition this is for them. Their needs are inherently important and we work to include them in baby bonding time, playing one on one and more. 

Overnight Care 

Sleep. Everyone needs sleep. It is very important to get good rest to be the best parent you can be. Providing overnight care helps families to get the sleep they need, with the peace of mind that a trusted professional will take care of the baby. Breastfeeding? No problem! We're happy to accomodate whatever needs you have during overnight shifts. 

Out on the Town 

Postpartum Doulas aren't just for at home! Want to go on a Target run? Want to go to a local event? Do you need a haircut? A weekend getaway? Vacation? We are happy to tag along. Showing parents how to do practical life tasks with their newest family member is one of our favorite parts of our job! 

Postpartum Planning Sessions

Birth is just the beginning! After completing your pregnancy and conquering childbirth, you might think it’s time to get back to “life as usual.” However, the postpartum period is a time when you should carefully ease yourself back into everyday routines instead of returning to all your responsibilities at once. Give your body a chance to relax and recover— you’ve done a lot of hard, important work!

Making sure you have a plan in place after you bring your baby (or babies) home is important to make a smooth adjustment as your family grows. One of our postpartum doulas will join you in your home to make sure you have a good support system in place and a plan for when the tough times hit!

*We recommend this session to be completed during your third trimester of pregnancy.

Our professional doulas are experienced in all types of situations. We're happy to help you through adoption, surrogacy, the 4 month sleep regression, breastfeeding challenges, caring for multiples and more. To learn more about how we can support you, contact us below!