Placenta Encapsulation 

As one of our most popular services, many parents are hearing about the benefits of consuming your placenta after birth.

Some benefits reported by parents are: lessened risk of perinatal mood disorders (like postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety), faster postpartum recovery, increased milk supply, faster iron restoration, increased energy and more. 

Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation is a normal part of the postpartum recovery period for many families worldwide. Growing in popularity in the US, it is clear that placenta encapsulation may be a strong asset to your "fourth trimester". 

Our goal at Northwest PA Doulas is to provide you with the safest process of encapsulation so that nothing interferes with your recovery and bonding with your baby. All of our Postpartum Placenta Specialist's are blood borne pathogen certified and follow strict food safety handling guidelines. We use the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) to complete encapsulation for you. For more information on how this service can enhance your postpartum, contact us today!