5 Things We Know About Placenta Encapsulation | Erie PA, Meadville PA, Western NY & More

So you're thinking about having someone encapsulate your placenta. 

You've come to the right website! 

Northwest PA Doulas holds the highest standards for encapsulation in our area. Let us elaborate on why we're the best: 

1.) We didn't learn from a YouTube video. 

All of our Postpartum Placenta Specialists have learned from the elite ProDoula trainers who focus on client and placenta specialist safety. Our training includes the requirement to be blood borne pathogen certified, to have watched and assisted with an encapsulation and a rigorous certification process. 

2.) Encapsulation should be done in the client's home. 

Since safety is our number one concern, we will never transport your placenta or encapsulate it in our own homes. We want our clients to know that the placenta we are preparing is indeed theirs. The process is done in your home. Your home is covered by bacteria that your body is already comfortable with. While we do everything possible to cut out all risks of contamination, it is best to do this in an environment that is biologically known to the mother consuming the placenta. 

3.) It does not smell.

One question we hear often is "Does it smell?!" The answer is no. While our encapsulators have on face masks to protect them, they have not experienced smells. You may catch a whiff of ginger and lemon as we steam the placenta, but that should be it. 

4.) So you do this in my home. Aren't you going to make a mess?! 

Definitely not. All we need to encapsulate is a small part of counter space, a sink and a burner on your stove. Before we do anything, we clear the area, sanitize it completely and cover with protective coverings of saran wrap. The first day would be the "messiest" day but it is easily contained by our experienced experts. We strive to leave your counters, sink and our working areas cleaner than when we arrived. 

5.) We process placentas during a two day process. 

Most clients don't realize that this process takes two days. The first day consists of preparing the placenta for dehydration. This typically takes around 2 hours. We can do this while you're still in the hospital, when you come home or while you're out and about. We love when clients are home so we can answer questions about postpartum recovery, newborn care or feeding issues. When we are done on day one, our specialist will leave your dehydrator plugged in overnight until we can get back on day two. (This can be plugged in anywhere. Closets, your kitchen counter, a spare bedroom. Your discretion is important to us!) The day two process usually takes us about an hour or so. Again, we're happy to answer questions you have during this time. By the time we leave, your placenta will be placed into gluten free, easy to swallow capsules in a discreet jar, ready for consumption. 

Moms report benefits like faster postpartum recovery, increased milk production and less postpartum mood disorders. Interested in learning more? 

Contact us today to have all your questions answered! 

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