Hope You Have A Great Day! | Northwest PA Doulas

I walked into Sheetz a few minutes after 3:00am. 

Its still pitch black outside. I think I was the only customer in the brightly lit store as I grabbed an extra large cup and filled it to the brim with french vanilla cappuccino. I walked over to the soda machine and grabbed a few ice cubes since they always make those drinks way too hot. Even though it was early, I was excited to be up since I know I am on my way to do my job. I walked up to the counter and waited for the cashier to come assist me. I watch her as she finishes her tasks, probably preparing for the morning rush that will start in the coming hours. We are casually chatting, exchanging cards and receipts when she finally looks up and says "I hope you have a great day!" 

"I know I will", I thought to myself as I was walking out the door. It really made my stop and think.

Thats the thing about my job. I love the clients I work with, I connect with them, I'm part of something that will never happen again in their entire lives. Regardless of how a baby is born, there is always this incredible outcome.

These moments are hope giving, sometimes sad or scary, empowering and always filled with so much strength. 

I don't really tell anyone about them because they aren't my stories to share. I carry them with me and tuck them into a special place in my heart as I leave your hospital room or your home after birth. The ride to meet you is always a mix of emotions. Sometimes I blast music or pray or listen to TedTalks. The ride home is always so different. I usually ride home in complete silence processing the events of the day. I know as soon as I arrive home, my own family and their needs await.

Even though I just watched your family grow and blossom and flourish, its time to start "just another normal day".