You Did Not Fail | Postpartum | Northwest PA Doulas

Feel like a failure?  We think you’re quite the opposite!

Do you imagine what it will be like as you adjust to life with a new baby? Many parents are unprepared for the demands of a newborn. Almost everyone feels overwhelmed at some point. When families consider hiring a postpartum doula, they may think, “Wait a minute, does this mean I failed? Am I not ‘enough’ to take care of my family on my own?” Let us assure you, recognizing that you want or need help, is not a weakness but a strength. You weren’t meant to do it alone!

It’s no secret that pregnancy and birth are physically and emotionally exhausting. After baby makes their appearance, that doesn’t immediately go away even though society may expect you to “bounce back.” The first three months after having a baby are challenging. This is referred to as the “fourth trimester,” when your baby will need her every need attended to in order to smoothly transition from womb to world.

Asking for help with household tasks, cooking, and caring for older children can be beneficial so you can focus on feeding and bonding with the baby. If you are a “list maker,” you might decide to have a list ready for the doula when she arrives so she can begin tackling tasks for you immediately. 


If you are looking for someone to help you process your birth story, your doula will be there to listen without judging any of your choices. Your doula is there to celebrate with you the things you loved about your birth and validate your feelings about unexpected events that may have occurred. You can be as open as you’d like to be because she will never criticize you. #NWPAdoulas are trained to be exceptional listeners!

It’s easy to get sucked up in the whirlwind of taking care of a baby around the clock. Postpartum doulas encourage you to take good care of yourself, too. If you want to enjoy a meal, soak in a relaxing bath, or take a nap so you can recharge your batteries, postpartum doulas are there to help. Self-care is important so that your baby and loved ones can enjoy the best version of you. This leads to a more relaxed mother and in turn, a more relaxed baby.

So, are you a failure for seeking out a postpartum doula? NO WAY! You are strong, smart, resourceful, and self-aware. You are SUPER WOMAN!