Why Agency Doulas Do It Better | Northwest PA Doulas

Two is better than one. 

At #nwpadoulas, we truly believe this and I think after meeting us or thinking it through, you will too. 

Birth Doulas: 

Most doulas in our areas are solo doulas. They go "on call" at 38 weeks or so, and remain on call until you give birth. You don't meet your backup doula, if you even have one at all. Our agency worked with some of the leading professionals in the doula community to come up with a system that we feel works better for families. It allows for our doulas to be well rested, get paid equally and to spend quality time with their families. We found that we support families best when we take time for self care and time off call. Additionally, clients benefit by: 

  • Knowing their team of doulas well. (We attend prenatal and postpartum visits as a team. Whoever is on call will attend your birth.)
  • If you labor ends up being a long one, you will know your backup doula and be confident she can support you just as well as the first doula did. 
  • Knowing that their team is on call 24/7 from the time of contract signing, not just after 38 weeks. Our on call time also accounts for 24/7 texts and phone calls! 
  • Knowing that the entire #nwpadoulas team is held to the same standards of professionalism and are all trained in the same way by ProDoula. 
  • Knowing that our doulas attune to your personality and specific needs, regardless of who is on call at your time of labor and birth. 
  • Knowing that whoever supports you will do so judgement free. 
  • Twice the knowledge and experience at prenatal and postpartum visits. (We've got you covered on educational support!) 

Postpartum Doulas: 

Our postpartum doulas work roughly in the same way. We attend the free consultation as a team so that you are familiar with both doulas. We work extremely hard to provide a main doula the majority of the time. If there comes a time where a backup is needed to provide you with the care you deserve, you'll already know the wonderful woman coming to serve your family! 

While we do have options for solo doulas, we find that having a partnership of doulas works much better for our agency and for our clients as a whole. One thing ProDoula has taught our doulas is that it is important to attune to every personality of the family. We find that because of this our doulas are the best at being flexible, able and (so) willing to support clients through anything they encounter! 

So what do you think, is having two incredible, compassionate, attuned doulas better than one?