I'm Scared to Give Birth! | Erie Birth Doula | Meadville Birth Doula | Childbirth Education

It's common to have reservations about labor and delivery. It’s only natural to fear new situations where the unexpected could happen. With education, support, and encouragement, fears can be replaced with empowerment and confidence in your body and the process.

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The Downsides of Facebook Mom Groups | Erie PA Doulas, Childbirth Education & Placenta Encapsulation

Let me start by saying;

Facebook mom groups are important.

They provide support, sometimes instantly, to moms in need of advice, tips or a person to vent to. For many moms, these online groups are the only way they talk to other adults during their days.  They give you people to talk to, debate with and solidify the choices you've made as a parent.

But if you're in them, you already know. There are downsides.

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