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Self care. 

We're hearing about it everywhere... and we think its pretty important. 

Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting. These time periods can produce the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It can be so easy to be so wrapped up in family during this stage. But; 

You are important. 

Your happiness is important. You are worthy of "you" time.

So what is self care? 

Self-care is any activity that helps you to maintain your physical, mental or emotional health and wellbeing. Self care is deliberate, intentional and self-initiated. 

Oftentimes, we hear that self care is simply taking a bubble bath but practicing self care can look very different from person to person. The way you feel relaxed, calm and rejuvenated probably looks at least a little different from your friends and loved ones. Your preferences can even change and evolve over time. 

So what are some practical ideas for self care? 

  1. Unplug for a half hour. Turn that iPhone on airplane mode and let distractions melt away! 
  2. Take an uninterrupted shower. Even if it takes utilizing child watch at the gym. Those 20 minutes of alone time can be oh so refreshing. Some suggest perhaps turning the lights dim or even off for a deeper relaxation experience. 
  3. Get silly. Swing on the swing set, hit your partner with a water bottle squirt, build the ultimate sandcastle in the sandbox with your toddler. Whatever it is, bring that playful part of your spirit out!
  4. Change your scenery! This can be as simple as nursing your newborn on the couch instead of in bed or something like finally ordering those new curtains you need. This can even be fun like taking a "Sunday drive". 
  5. Write a review for a business you like. Channel some positive energy into helping grow the places you love to go and people you love to see! Most of the time, doing something for others is confidence boosting. 
  6. Write it down. Write for 15 minutes straight. No particular subject. Maybe a story. Maybe working through something diary style. Set a timer and go for it. 
  7. Ask for help. Big or small. Ask somebody. 
  8. Enjoy your (semi-)local surroundings. A walk along Presque Isle, Lake Wilhelm, Conneaut Lake or Woodcock Dam.  Explore and find Freedom Falls. 
  9. Make brownies for someone. Enjoy the leftover batter on the beaters, obviously. 
  10. Create something. Draw a picture. Paint. Build a birdhouse. Write in a scrapbook. Sew a shirt or hem some pants. Crochet a hat. 
  11. Find a cool new podcast. We love TED talks!  
  12. Seek compliments. Ask 3 people what they love about you. 
  13. Have a dance party. Crank up the tunes that help you boogie. Turn up some Adele and get emotional. Play your wedding song. 
  14. Get a massage.. or a manicure.. or your hair done... or a pedicure. I mean, this is a list of self care ideas... we have to include this! 
  15. Read. Use that naptime to get one hour of reading in. Buy a magazine subscription. Break out some religious text. Read an article you saved on Facebook. 
  16. Join a group. "Mom" groups, a book club, etc. 
  17. Start a class. Do something you love! Maybe try a artsy class at Claytopia.
  18. Go outside, get barefoot. Get grounded and meditate for 10 minutes. Enjoy the sounds of nature or the bustle of your neighborhood. 
  19. Hire Northwest PA Doulas! Let our postpartum doulas do the tasks that need done around your house or hold your baby, get the nonjudgmental support you want during your labor and birth, get your placenta encapsulated and feel better after birth, take a Childbirth Education class that is actually fun.. and informative! We have the best services to help you get all the care & support you need! 
  20. Watch funny YouTube videos. Here's a good start: 

What are your favorite ways to practice self care? Share with our readers in the comments below! 

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