What if I Fall During Pregnancy? | Erie PA Birth, Meadville PA Birth | Northwest PA Doulas

We know that a person's center of gravity shifts as their belly grows during pregnancy. It can be startling and scary to think about your precious baby if you trip and fall. So what happens if you fall? What can you expect if you seek help? 

pregnant person holding newborn baby shoes

If I fall, should I call my doctor? Should I make an appointment? 

YES! You should always call your OB or midwife if you have fallen during pregnancy. Even if you didn't hit your belly, it is important to let your provider know. If your provider's office isn't open, call the nurses line and they will give you instructions on what the provider on call would like you to do. 

Is my baby safe? 

The answer is most times, yes. The uterus that is carrying your baby is composed of thick, strong muscles to keep your baby safe. Inside the uterus, baby floats in a sac filled with cushiony amniotic fluid. All of that is housed within the skeletal & muscular structure of you. Most times, babies are unaffected. You, however, may be extra sore and achy! 

My provider wants me to come in- what should I expect?! 

Your provider will check on baby's heart rate. They may do a non stress test to track if you're having any contractions, if baby is moving sufficiently and how baby's heart rate is. This can typically be done in the office. If your fall occured after hours, its likely that you will be sent to the Labor & Delivery unit at your birthing location to be monitored and checked out by the doctor on call. Depending on how you fell, your provider may also want to do an ultrasound to check on the baby and placenta. 

If you have any other questions about pregnancy and birth, consider hiring a birth doula! They can answer your questions on whats normal and whats not via text, call and Facetime through your pregnancy and so, so much more!