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How does a birth doula come alongside you in your labor without replacing your partner or other special person? 

I'll tell you one thing, in our experience, dads or birth partners have loved having a doula present! 

Watching someone you love give birth is a huge step to any relationship! Birthing parents experience many highs and lows during the labor & birth process. It can be difficult to predict how you will act during labor. Each baby you carry will hold a completely unique story about the day they were born. Birth partners may have never seen a transformation such as this... or maybe they're seeing a side of you they normally wouldn't! 

So what does a birth doula do to help you, as dad or the birth partner?  

Laboring at home: 

  • We can give you a break so you can prepare the last minute items, throw the phone chargers in the bags, get siblings to childcare, get pets situated, etc. Your partner is in good hands laboring with the doula. 

  • We can prepare you a healthy meal while you help your partner through the beginning stages of  labor. 

  • In the event of home birth, we can set up the birth pool or anything else that needs taken care of. 

  • We're constantly researching and learning here at NPD. Our doulas are well versed in birth and postpartum. Fielding questions like "does this look normal?!" to "is she supposed to be making that noise?" are pretty regular phrases to hear from birth partners... and we're happy to answer them! 

Arriving at the hospital: 

  • We can help the laboring person cope with contractions and stay calm in the car while you focus on safely driving her to the hospital.

  • We can help your partner get into the hospital while you park the car and grab the bags. 
  • Sometimes labor progresses quickly. You know your partner than anyone. Sometimes you'll need to give medical information to the nurse or provider as your partner focuses on the work of labor. 
  • Your doula can help you to make the hospital room a bit more home-like. We know how to turn down the lights, where to find the extra blankets and pillows and how to help the transition from home to hospital be a little more calm.

Laboring at the hospital: 

  • As your partner labors, it can be difficult to know what to do. Your doula is happy to show you just where to press or massage, what you can do to help your loved one and also tell you what might not work at that particular stage of labor. 

  • If you're feeling tired from all of that massaging or if this experience get a little intense for you, we are happy to give you a break. 

  • Sometimes dads and partners are completely overlooked during the birth process. We cater to the whole family by reminding you how important it is to eat, stay hydrated and keep using the restroom. The laboring parent is certainly important but no one wants you to pass out during the actual birth from not eating anything all day! 

  • Speaking of that, our doulas are experts in birth. We've been to births before and know what to expect. You, however, may not do this for a living. If you're feeling queasy or uneasy, we're happy to help you find a role in the birth room that enables you to be comfortable, relaxed and excited to meet baby! 

  • Our doulas are great about capturing sweet moments between you and your partner with your phones or a camera. 

  • If you wish to watch the birth of your baby, we're happy to support your partner and encourage her while pushing. 

  • Doulas are experts in observation. We can sense when someone in the room isn't jiving with the laboring person... or with you! If your mom or mother in law is driving you crazy, we're happy to have the nurse usher them to the waiting room while you get a break. This experience only happens once. We want it to be as close to what you want as possible! 

  • Speaking of friends and family, our doulas are happy to text or call labor updates to everyone who needs to be in the know!

After the birth: 

  • Once the baby is born, mom's hard work isn't quite done. The placenta comes out usually within a few contractions after the baby is born. Occasionally, this part of birth takes a little longer than anticipated. You may be asked to hold baby while the doctors and nurses work with mom to keep her safe and healthy. Your doula can support you by showing you how to hold your new, tiny baby or can support mom as she works through the last stage of birth. 

  • We're happy to tidy up the room, get you the items you need or transfer your belongings to the recovery room, depending on your hospital's policies. 

  • We're happy to set up your bed. We know how marathon labors can make a birth partner exhausted! 

  • We're happy to help your partner learn how to breastfeed or bottle feed. We can give you tips on things to do to support them and their choice. 

  • We LOVE being able to take photos of your family! 

  • Occasionally, a mother and baby will need to be separated for a short while for medical reasons. A doula can stay with either the mother or baby and you can go with either mom/baby.  


And that's just during the labor and birth! 

Our doulas work with families during pregnancy at a prenatal appointment where we get to know you and your partner. Your wishes are important to us and we want you to be comfortable with both your main doula and your backup doula as you enter this exciting day of your life. During the postpartum period (which is just a fancy way of saying "the 12 months after you have a baby"), we'll come to your home and chat with you about the experience, answer your questions about newborns and postpartum care, educate you on postpartum depression and anxiety and help you feel supported through this transition. 

To summarize, we recognize you as an integral part of the labor and birth process! Its hard to imagine what this experience will be like. Hiring a doula may help you feel more comfortable, more satisfied and less overwhelmed. You wouldn't be in the room if you weren't extremely important to the laboring person. We always want to create an environment that will help you become powerfully bonded to your partner through this experience. 

Birth partners may love doulas, but doulas love birth partners even more!