Use Your BRAIN! | Northwest PA Doulas

I have a little laminated card that I will hand to moms in labor when something is suggested that they need to make a decision on. As a doula, this is where I shine. I can encourage conversation between the Midwife/OBGYN and the birthing parent, inform the birth partner on what their role will look like with this intervention and sometimes even avoid the intervention altogether. Sometimes the birthing parent is nervous to ask a question or doesn't know what questions to ask if she's caught off guard with a suggestion. I can remind her of her birth wishes, help her process what the care provider is suggesting and give her the most up to date information on the intervention. 



What are the benefits to this intervention? Will it keep baby and I safe? Will this make me more comfortable? Will this help to get me a vaginal birth instead of a cesarean birth? 


Are there risks to this? Is there a way to reduce the risks? Risks to the birthing parent? To baby? To breastfeeding success? 


What else can we try? Do we have time to try another less risky option first? 


How do you feel about it? Do you feel pressured into this? Do you feel as though your baby is in danger? Praying about it is also an option for spiritual families. 


What if we do nothing? What if we just wait it out for 20 minutes or an hour? Is this really urgent? 

All of these questions are great to ask but will you remember this while you're pushing and your OBGYN suggests an episiotomy? In the midst of transition when they ask if you'd like pain medication? I can be a great buffer to make sure you have the power that you deserve in the birthing room. I will do everything I can to help support your choices and make sure you are an informed, empowered parent. I will be there from the time you choose during labor until after your birth when you are ready to bond with your baby and get rest. If something happens you didn't expect, we can help you to work through the feelings you have surrounding your birth experience. During your postpartum visit, we have the opportunity to discuss these things in depth if you desire.

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