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December is here and the first snowstorm has arrived. If it’s your baby’s first winter, you might be wondering what there is to do in Erie PA when the temperatures start to plummet. 

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Even though your initial thought might be that it’s hard to go places with a small baby, it can actually be easier when they are little! Before they can crawl or walk (they quickly learn how fun it is to watch you chase after them), they enjoy being close to you and tend to sleep a lot. They might like being pushed in a stroller or worn in a carrier. After you get some practice leaving the house with baby, you will gain confidence and figure out what works best. 

When cabin fever strikes, here are some fun baby-friendly places you can escape to.

Storytime at Barnes & Noble or your local library 

It’s never too early to instill a love of reading and you might even make some new friends! Click here or here for more info. 

Visit the grandparents

 Whether it’s their first grandchild or their fifteenth, they will be thrilled you stopped by since they likely can’t get enough of your new little one. 

Brunch with friends

 Text a friend or two and meet up for a meal. Gathering with friends is sure to be a mood booster because new moms crave adult interaction. These friends will be understanding if you show up a few minutes late (the baby pooped/spit up/lost a sock right as you were headed out the door).

Playdate with friends

 Your childbirth education class is a great place to start making new friends who have babies around the same age as yours. Your friends with babies are likely starting to feel cabin fever as well. Meet up at a children’s music class or if you have older kids, the local children’s museum can be a great place to reunite after the birth of your babies.

Visit your favorite coffee shop, cafe or juice bar

One of our favorites is The Juice Jar. The atmosphere of these places is usually very serene and it’s a good place to catch up.

Walk around the Millcreek Mall

Stay warm while you daydream of beautiful outdoor walks in the sunshine. You’ll be getting exercise and allowing baby to soak up the sights and sounds. Maybe you'll even come across another mom doing the same thing! Plus, how else will you get to try out your new stroller? Stick with that story when you explain to your partner why you’re going to Target for the third time this week.

What about the times you’re “snowed in?”

Postnatal yoga

You’ve heard of PREnatal yoga (you may have even taken a class at yogaErie) but have you heard of postnatal yoga? According to some yoga practitioners, babies can start as young as 3 weeks. The interaction between mom and baby can be an enjoyable bonding activity. Local mom and business entrepreneur, Amy Griffith, is releasing her brand new postnatal yoga video in February 2017. Learn more about Amy's fun videos here

Take a bath together

 This can be an easy way to get baby (and mom!) to relax. For babies who normally don’t enjoy bathing, breastfeeding in the bathtub usually does the trick. Dr. Sears has some tips to bathe with baby safely.

Dance party

This can be especially great for a baby who loves movement and doesn’t like to be in the same position for too long. Bonus: baby is too young to be embarrassed by your ridiculous dance moves!

What other fun activites would you add? Tell us in the comments! 

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