Fun Things to Do With Your Winter Baby in Erie PA | Northwest PA Doulas

"Even though your initial thought might be that it’s hard to go places with a small baby, it can actually be easier when they are little! Before they can crawl or walk (they quickly learn how fun it is to watch you chase after them), they enjoy being close to you and tend to sleep a lot. They might like being pushed in a stroller or worn in a carrier. After you get some practice leaving the house with baby, you will gain confidence and figure out what works best. "

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Our Lips Are Sealed


It's so important after you give birth.  


No one wants their mother in law or sister or cousin getting to spill their news before they do!  

Here at Northwest PA Doulas, we aim to protect your privacy by never posting when a client is giving birth, if a client has given birth or "checking in" to a hospital without explicit consent to do so. 

Don't get us wrong, we are  SO excited your little one is earth side! We love watching family and baby meet for the first time and observing the first moments of bonding. 

But posting about it on social media is not our place.  

There are some pretty small towns here in Northwest PA. It can be obvious who is giving birth. Who are we to spill your news before you  get the chance to?! 


Northwest PA Doulas. 

Your privacy. Protected.