What is a Postpartum Doula? | Erie PA's Only Postpartum Doula Agency

What is a postpartum doula? 

Some families have heard of a birth doula but what about postpartum? 

A postpartum doula is a person who comes alongside you nonjudgmentally at any point after you have a baby to make the transition easier. They provide emotional support to the mom and entire family, support to the mother as she recovers physically, help with practical tasks like dishes and provide information and expertise on newborn care, normal recovery, and feeding & sleep issues.


In short, we're pretty much this super helpful person that comes in and gives you anything you need to be equipped for a blissful postpartum.

I know from my own experiences as a mom that it's possible to "get by" in the postpartum period without a postpartum doula. Now that I know they exist and how amazing they are, I'm not sure I'll ever go without one in subsequent pregnancies. I don't want to just get by. I want to thrive. Postpartum doulas are fantastic at helping the family thrive as they grow and as they continue through parenting for the first year and beyond. 

When you invite a postpartum doula into your home and life, you're inviting a professional who can attune to your personality and be excited about the choices you make. It's easy to find a family member, friend or even stranger with an opinion on how you should parent your baby. Shaming of parenting choices is just not something we stand for.  Our postpartum doulas believe that the best way is your way. 

I also know personally that the postpartum period can be very lonely. Sometimes moms don't need dishes and laundry completed. Sometimes feeding is going well and the baby is sleeping okay. Maybe you have more food than you could ever eat brought by people who love you. Sometimes all parents are looking for is someone to vent to, to confide in and to ask some questions they can't ask their partner or mom. Most postpartum clients need this and we're happy to provide it. Isolation and loneliness never add to your postpartum experience. We want to help those feelings melt away and lift you up. 

Are you thinking about hiring a postpartum doula? Contact us for more information today! We're so excited to meet you!