Our 3 Top Baby Registry Items

Baby Registries. 

I've got a love/hate relationship with them. 

Babies really don't need as much as people think. A few outfits, a few blankets, some diapers, a breast or bottle.... Those are the bare necessities. You go through this store packed with every sort of weird gadget you can imagine and a price gun trying to come up with some sort of list of your needed items. Its hard to decipher whats actually helpful! After the necessities, heres the items I've found that I absolutely love: 

Nose Frida 

I know, I know. It looks gross. I get it. The thought of using your mouth to suck snot through a tube? Uh, yeah right. Stick with me here. Until you use one, its easy to think its disgusting. Its truly not. It has a filter that blocks all the nasty stuff from getting in the tube you use to suck the air through. By now, pretty much everyone has seen those gross pictures of the moldy bulb syringes. The cool thing about the Nose Frida is its completely clear, no moldy surprises. Dishwasher safe, effective at getting out a load of snot and generally easy to clean... I'll chalk it up as a win! Find out more about the Nose Frida and other Frida Baby items here. 

Baby Carrier 

So I already wrote a two part blog on babywearing and how to pick the right carrier. Find it here. 

Even though its true that some babies just don't like to be worn, I think its a safe enough bet that its worth investing in a good carrier. Babywearing allows your baby to come along side you in life. You can do things hands free and go places you can't with a stroller. It really helps to make life a little more doable. 

Ezpz Mats & Silicone Bibs 

With the AAP & WHO recommending starting solids at 6 months or after, its likely that you'll be needing to come up with solutions for meal times. In our house, we bought tons of bowls that were supposed to stick to the table and they literally never worked. Until we found EZPZ mats. They are a thicker silicone, so easy to clean and they actually work! Along with our love of everything silicone, we found that the bibs that catch food were super helpful. Less mess is a priority here and these two products have been fantastic. They've held up great between two kids and lots of meals! Find out more on ezpz here. Find out more on bibs here. 

Sound off in the comments on what your favorite baby items are! 

Mariah Post is a professionally trained birth & bereavement doula, childbirth educator and lactation counselor. She also has two kiddos of her own that keep her busy! She serves all of Northwest PA and surrounding areas. Contact us for more information on how to hire her today! (814) 315-2525