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Why Choose Private Childbirth Education?

When I was pregnant 4 years ago I didn’t realize there were any options outside of hospital or online classes for the type of birth I wanted. Not wanting a natural birth felt like it eliminated all of the independent instructors and courses. So I read as much as I could, I took a 4-hour class at the hospital with my husband and walked away feeling what I thought was prepared. This was all they were telling me I needed so it must be enough, right?

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We won't waste your time with a full childbirth education class, if you don't want it. 

Northwest PA Doulas offers quick refresher childbirth education courses that are tailored to fit what you want to learn about. Our Erie PA Doulas and Childbirth Educators give you the best, insider information from our local hospitals. We provide childbirth education that isn't boring and is actually useful to you and your partner. 

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