What Does A Birth Doula Cost In Erie PA?

So you're thinking about hiring a labor and birth doula. 

You've read a few blogs stating it can be anywhere from free to over $1500; Thats a huge difference! 

We hope this blog clears a few things up: 

Doulas in Erie and Northwest PA cost anywhere from $500-$1000. We have packages starting at $725. 

Our agency focuses on giving you the best service, while paying our doulas enough so that they actually show up.

Lets break it down. When you pay Northwest PA Doulas, we are using your money to:

  • Immediately set aside money for your backup doula, in case your main doula is unavailable for any reason. We want all of our clients to meet and know their backup doula. 
  • Pay our taxes, insurance, and everything else to keep business running legally and smoothly. 
  • Pay for our materials and education. We strive to have the most up to date information for you. In doing so, we make sure we're staying active in our doula certification programs, taking more trainings and doing things like listening to podcasts in our spare time. We also have materials we use for handouts, models we use for demonstrating how childbirth works to you and we need supplies to keep our "birth bag" stocked. 
  • Pay your main doula. Since our doulas go on call for you 24/7 at the time of hire, we need to ensure that we have gas in a working vehicle, on call childcare for our kids and are well rested at any given point. We also expect them to come alongside you looking professional and fresh, even if its 2am. (This sometimes requires some serious caffeine) Aside from all of that, we strive to pay them enough so that they actually show up when you call. Doulas miss birthdays, get togethers with friends and more. We want this work to be worth leaving their families to come and serve you for an undetermined amount of time. 

In conclusion, when you're working on finding the perfect doula for you, its important to remember: you get what you pay for. A free or low cost doula is paying to be at your birth (gas, childcare, food for herself, parking, etc) and may not even show up when the time comes. 

At Northwest PA Doulas, our doulas are paid and paid well so that they are invested in supported you. When choosing #nwpadoulas, you can expect us to be there, whenever you call.

Contact us today to set up your free consultation: Text or call (814) 315-2525 or email nwpadoulas@gmail.com.