It Doesn't Always Go As Planned | Erie PA Parenting | Erie PA Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Before I was a mom, one thing I always said was: 

My kids will never go to daycare.

But guess where they are this morning? For the second day in a row? Daycare. 

Its funny to me how babies and kids just really don't follow the plans you thought you had. One blowout poop to wake me up this morning, one overly excited toddler. They didn't even follow the simple plan to wake up, get dressed and get in the car! 

But thats the thing about parenting, things don't always go according to plan. For some, letting go of the control of your life once you have kids can be extremely difficult. Whats even more difficult?

Doing those things you said you'd never do. 

Thats why at Northwest PA Doulas, we give every client nonjudgmental support. Here are a few examples: 


Pregnancy & Birth:

You've eaten healthy. Done constant research on your choices. Read all the "right" books. Taken all the preparation classes. You decide there is no way you're going to be induced. Then, you get gestational diabetes. It can't be controlled by diet. You're really struggling and your doctor starts talking about the baby getting too big. Its clear you'll need an induction to safely deliver your baby. You've posted articles against this! Your pride is hurt. But your doula doesn't mind. She comes alongside of you during this difficult, emotional time and supports you so that you feel empowered and strong, regardless of the birth circumstances. 


You're pregnant with your first baby and you decide you'd like to breastfeed. You've gone to every La Leche League meeting since you've been pregnant and your partner is super supportive. Your mom even breastfed you and your siblings for 6 months. You are excited to give this a try. You get into the postpartum period and things are not going well. You feel as though you're trying everything. You're exhausted, not feeling like yourself and angry that you may not be producing enough for your baby. Your baby refuses to latch and you decide that breastfeeding might not be for you. While we love to support parents learning how to breastfeed, we understand. Things come up. Sometimes mental health is more important than breastfeeding. Sometimes physical anomalies play a part. Sometimes you just didn't realize the amount of commitment you'd have to exude. Sometimes breastfeeding just plain sucks. (No pun intended) Your doula will be right beside you, helping you through engorgement. We can teach you how to properly bottle feed and prepare formula or donor milk for your baby. 

The best choice for your baby is the choice that you make. Nonjudgmental support means that whatever choice that is, we're there cheering you on. 

When parenting doesn't follow the plan you expected, just like my experience with sending my kiddos to daycare, you can expect me support you.

Your choices are your own.

After all, you are the perfect parent for your kiddo.