If Only I Had A Doula When I Bought a House | Erie PA's Best Labor Doulas

If you've bought a home before, you know its no easy task. 

I think if I would have had a life doula for the process though, it would have been a heck of a lot easier. 


Let me explain. 

• My doula could have supported me and helped me navigate picking the right realtor for my needs and wants. 

• My doula could have helped me work through all the options of homes and figure out what was a non-negotiable need/want. 

• My doula could have massaged my feet after walking through showing after showing. 

• My doula could have helped me emotionally process when the closing date was pushed back. 

• My doula could have helped me establish a plan after the closing so I would know what to expect when it was time to actually move. 

• My doula could have supported my partner in all of these ways and helped him to support me. (Maybe she could have showed him how to massage my back!) 

• My doula wouldn't have cared if I bought a house boat or a mansion or a purple house with pink polka dots because she gives me nonjudgmental support. 

I don't know about you, but I am pretty on board with a "buying a house doula" becoming a thing!

What other areas of your life could you use a doula for?