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Bathing a baby should be easy. I mean, you've bathed yourself thousands of times, so giving your baby a bath shouldn't be too difficult. The reality is, it's normal to be anxious about bathing your tiny, new baby. Babies are slippery, wiggly, and usually not fond of new experiences. Here is a guide to help you feel more confident.

During the first week or two before the umbilical cord stump falls off, baby should only have sponge baths. Then, baby can be bathed in an infant tub. Once baby can sit up unassisted, he can move to the regular bathtub. There is no need to bathe your baby more than 3 times per week.


How to bathe a newborn baby:

1. Make sure the room is warm.
2. Gather your supplies-
a basin/bowl of warm water, a washcloth, a mild baby soap, a fresh diaper, and a clean outfit.
3. Lay baby on a towel on a flat surface.

4. Keep the baby wrapped in a towel, only exposing parts one at a time as you are washing them. Wash the face first (wipe each eyelid from the inside to the outside corner) and then wash the rest of the body with soap, leaving the diaper area for last. Don’t forget to wash in the creases of the arms, legs, and neck, and behind the ears.
5. Make sure baby is dry.
6. You did it! It's time to dress that sweet smelling baby!


Looking for bath safety tips? You can never be too careful!