FAQs About Postpartum Doulas | Northwest PA Doulas

Postpartum Doulas are totally new to Erie, Meadville and surrounding areas. Postpartum doulas help with a myriad of things including emotional support, practical hands on help and education for families. 

Postpartum? Doesn't that have to do with postpartum depression? 

Nope! The word postpartum refers to the postpartum period which is defined as the first year after you have a baby. Postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and other mood disorders are common among modern parents. Our doula teams are experts at recognizing normalcy in our clients. If PPD or PPA become apparent, we are happy to talk with you and refer you to a professional who can support you well. 

Will you help with my older kids? 


Gladly!! No siblings left behind when you hire us! Playing games, help with homework, accompanying you to a soccer game, outside play, reading, sensory play; All of these activities and so much more are offered by our fun & loving doulas. 

What will you do during a shift? 

postpartum doulas doing dishes.jpg

What do you need done? Thats what we're going to do. Each shift presents new challenges and new tasks to complete. Sometimes, we aren't even doing tasks. Often, new parents just want to sit and chat about how things are going, how frustrating sleep or feeding can be or how nerves are bubbling up over returning to work. Things that we may do during every shift include: dishes, laundry, wiping down counters, tidying up toddler's toys, refilling the diaper station, cooking, and more! 

Is it awkward having a doula in the house? 

We don't think so! Our doulas are pro's at knowing how to make you feel comfortable. We want the entire family to be happy to see us coming and will do everything in our power to ensure your ease. We're happy to stay out of the way or jump right in the action, whatever your preference! 

Can we keep our doula forever? 

We get this question often. Postpartum doulas aren't just for newborns. Our priority does go to families with the newest babies but as long as we have a doula to serve you, we can extend care for families well past the newborn stage. (Potty training doula, anyone?!) 

I'll feel weird asking someone to help me! 

Please, don't! We are so willing to help in whatever ways you need. You're paying us to be there. We want you to have all the value of us doing exactly what you need while we're alongside you. 

When can you start? 

Sometimes, families need "postpartum" care before they even have the baby! Bedrest, surrogacy or adoption are some of the special circumstances that benefit greatly from earlier care. Otherwise, we can start as soon as baby is born. Joining a family in the hospital or as soon as they come home is not uncommon for us! Is that too soon? No problem. Some families prefer us to start a few weeks after the birth. 

So you mentioned cooking... 


Sure thing! Nutritious meals are a must during postpartum recovery. During each shift, we're happy to prepare meals & snacks for the day, freezer meals or help you meal plan for upcoming weeks. Since allergies and intolerances are common, we are happy to cook recipes & ingredients you provide. Not an issue? We can prepare our own recipes! 

I have no idea how much help I'll need!

No problem! Most parents don't! Our work with you is very flexible. Every Friday, we schedule for the coming week. This week you needed all overnight care but next week daytime care is needed? Great! We'll set it up and get you taken care of. Babies are unpredictable and we want to be as accommodating to your family's changing needs as possible. 

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