To My Birthday Girl | Northwest PA Doulas

Yesterday, it was my daughters third birthday. Its hard to believe everything that's happened in those short years. Its so true when they say "the days are long but the years are short". So in honor of her birthday, a short letter: 

I hope that you remain kind. 

I hope that you remain strong, and centered and tenacious. 

I hope that you aren't always afraid of mud and flies. 

I hope that your love of nail polish and makeup and frilly dresses doesn't cause you to compare yourself to other girls and that you can express yourself as an individual through those things. 

I hope that you never lose the confidence it takes for you to sing, completely uninhibitedly. 

I hope that you always love crafts, cooking and creating new things. 

I hope that you never lose the unfailing love for your brother that you have now. Peeking in to see you snuggling on the couch or giving him a wet sloppy kiss melts my heart. 

I hope that you keep those sweet blond curls on the back of your head and that you won't want to flat iron them away. you hugging him or giving him a big, wet kiss on the cheek melts my heart. 

I hope that someday your tantrums will come less frequently. I hope the way I dealt with them helps you to approach others with kindness and compassion instead of rage and anger. 

I hope that you do all that you want to do as you grow and you find passions that set your heart on fire. 

But most of all, again, I hope that you remain kind. 

Happy Birthday, Sydney!  Love, Mom.