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Sibling Class (Private) | Erie PA | Meadville PA



A sibling class is the perfect gift for any big brother/big sister in training!

The purpose of a sibling class is to prepare children for the life changes that happen when a new baby joins the family. Children experience a variety of emotions during this time, ranging from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and jealousy. By providing children with education and experiences that relate to newborn babies, the expectation is that they will feel more at ease and have the tools to develop a healthy sibling bond.

These classes are done in the comfort of your home where children and parents can be more relaxed. It also gives us an opportunity to talk about all the baby items that are probably accumulating in your home! Parents benefit from this class too and are encouraged to attend and participate in learning. We are happy to work with your busy schedule!

You can expect this class to last 60 minutes and the fee is $75 per family.