What is a doula agency?

A doula agency is a group of doulas who are committed to providing top notch services to our clients while creating a sustainable business model for themselves. 

As an agency, Northwest PA Doulas is able to have a large service area and offer a broad array of services. Our clients' satisfaction is extremely important to us. Each doula is assigned a work load that she can confidently manage. The owners handle the business side of the agency (marketing, social media, answering the phone, handling contracts, payments, etc) while the affiliated doulas focus all their energy on what they do best-- showing up and being awesome doulas!

As the owners of NPD, Chrissy and Mariah have noticed that over time, many solo doulas experience burnout and are no longer able to continue. The agency model eliminates many of the challenges that solo doulas experience, including:  limited time with their families, exhaustion due to on-call demands, inability to find reliable backup doulas, overlapping clients, etc. Doulas who are well supported and have time off call, are more satisfied than those who are exhausted with no one close by to help.

Thanks to our business model, you never have to worry about: not having a relationship with your doula prior to the birth of your baby, relying on a random backup doula, your doula being overtired and unable to give her all, or being turned down by a doula who is already "booked."

You're in good hands with Northwest PA Doulas. We are reliable. We answer the phone when you call. We will be there for you when you need us!