6 Things Your Doula Wants You To Know | Erie PA & Meadville PA Doulas | Northwest PA Doulas

Woohoo! Its World Doula Week 2017!

To kick it off, we're here with: 


We don't expect you to know everything

As doulas, we kind of know a thing or two about birth. We know the lingo that your doctor is talking and we know what the machine does that your nurse is using. We are an endless pit of information on newborn care and postpartum tricks to help you thrive. Thats why you hire us. Its okay to not remember every single part of your childbirth education class or read 15 books.  We want you to get the knowledge you need so don't be afraid to ask. 

Its okay to get angry

We serve families during birth and postpartum. We realize that means we will be a part of some of the most intense moments in a persons life. You are learning new things about your partner, family and friends during this time. Emotions run high and sometimes anger is one of them! We're happy to listen to you vent and completely fine when a usually sweet laboring mom tells us this f***ing sucks! We get it, we've been there, this stuff is hard! 

You can ask us "weird" questions 

Mucus plugs, amniotic fluid, postpartum sex--oh my! The questions we get don't phase us and you'd be surprised to know how many times we've answered the question you plan to ask. We'd rather you get to share your feelings and feel heard & supported, something a google search can't do! 

You can trust us 

We show up when we say we will show up. We answer our phones when you call. We respond to your emails. We want to be there for you as much as we possibly can. Trusting your body and your support people is such a large part of laboring, birthing and meeting your baby. We want to be someone you can count on. Truly unwavering support is our specialty. 

Your privacy will be respected 

Northwest PA Doulas does this a little differently than other doulas. Purposely. Even though we are SO excited to be at your birth or at your postpartum shift, its not our place to post photos of your kid(s) or share a photo of your family. We know that this is such a vulnerable period of time for so many. We never want to add to your stresses by checking into the hospital during your birth or posting without your consent. We don't talk about your name, where you live, or other important information about your family. Your privacy is so important to us. 

We love your calls (and texts and emails and Facetimes) 

There are few things that make our hearts jump like the "special doula ringtone" going off on our phones at 3am. While you may think you are bothering us, we are anxiously awaiting your texts and calls! We chose to be doulas because we LOVE what we do. No question is too small and supporting you is what brings out the passion we have for our career. Call us, text us, Facetime us (with that cute baby, please!). We LOVE hearing from you!! 

We are disappointed when our time is up with you  

When we chose to be doulas, it was because we love connecting with and supporting parents. It is always bittersweet to see our time with a family end. We've grown to know you, watched you overcome obstacles, helped you work through emotions,  observed the sweetest moments between you and your partner. We are so happy to see the families we work with thrive so that they don't need us anymore. Truly. It is an honor. But it always feels a little sad as we give you that last hug. Add us on Facebook, follow our blogs and keep us updated on your lives. We love to see the amazing things you and your family are going to do! 

Thank you to each and every one of our clients who make our job incredible. We hope you felt cared for and supported by Northwest PA Doulas! 

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