Birth Doulas 


At your side

A birth doula is a support person hired by the family to help with pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum. Birth doulas are also known as birth coaches or professional birth attendants. Whatever you call us, we're happy to help. 


During pregnancy, we begin building a relationship with your family. We're in touch with you as often as you need us. We're available to answer your questions with expert answers and resources. We're happy to listen to you vent and love to hear your biggest pregnancy wins. We'll schedule a prenatal appointment that will go over all of your birth wishes. Your doula team will bring all their knowledge about local hospitals and providers and we'll establish a birthing plan that fits your unique needs. 

We are well versed in supporting cesarean birthing families as well as vaginal birthing families. 


Our clients typically prefer their birth support to begin in the comfort of their own home. When the switch from early labor to active labor happens, it can be difficult to determine if what you're experiencing is normal or when it's time to head to the hospital. Your doula is happy to travel with you to make the transition as smooth as possible. Once at the hospital, you can expect your doula to provide: 

  • Emotional Support. Since birth is hormonally driven, it is an emotional time. Every doula on our team is confidently able to support you through happiness, sadness, anger, self doubt and more. As an added bonus, each of our doulas is specifically trained in trauma informed care. Learn more here
  • Physical Support. Massage, helping with positioning, using pressure points, etc.
  • Educational Support. Each doula on our team is readily available to answer your questions. We are happy to bridge connections with your providers, nurse or care team to help you understand the process of birth & postpartum. Having a doula is like having your childbirth educator right in the delivery room with you!
  • Partner Support.  We are excited to support partners. Partner support can include getting them involved in the process by showing them where to massage, engaging them to help with labor tasks or inspiring a bonding moment. Partner support can also sometimes mean releasing an uncomfortable partner from leg holding duties or encouraging them to go grab some lunch. 


Vaginal Birth

During a vaginal birth, your doula will be right by your side. Sometimes our doulas will hold your leg, sometimes we will be by your head offering emotional support and sometimes we are silent observing the raw power of a baby being born. 

Cesarean Birth

During a cesarean birth, we may be allowed in the operating room with you based on hospital policies, your care team and your partner's wishes. We offer emotional, educational and physical support during this time. Cesarean births present unique challenges that our doulas are happy to accommodate. From pre-op to post-op, we're there to help answer your questions, keep you calm and relaxed and support the experience you choose to have. 


Our doulas stay with families for as long as they choose. Usually, once the first feeding has been established and questions have been answered, the family is ready for some alone time to bond. During the first few hours, doulas can help with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, helping to get everyone a meal, assisting mom with a shower, boosting confidence in both parents, getting necessary items in your room and more. 

Additionally, our doulas will schedule a postpartum visit with you. This happens a few days to a few weeks after birth. At the postpartum follow up in your home, we'll discuss questions you have about baby, your recovery, the birth and more. We'll help establish a plan for sleep, make sure you know how to properly use your car seat or demonstrate how to use your baby carrier. The postpartum visit is all about whats happening "right now" and our duties vary greatly to fit the needs of your family.

Your birth is your own

Our doulas are all professionally trained to provide nonjudgmental support. Birth happens in a variety of different ways, for a variety of different reasons. At NPD, our goal is for you to have a well supported birth experience that leaves you feeling empowered.